It is easy to take water for granted and unnecessarily waste water around the house. By being mindful about our usage, we can reduce the amount of water we consume and lower utility bills. Try these five tips to help you save water at home.

Don’t Let Water Run

You’ve probably heard this before, but running the tap is a difficult habit to break. One of the best ways to save water is to turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, or shaving. Save gallons of water every week by simply remembering to turn off the tap.

Repurpose Water In Creative Ways

How much water goes down the drain every day? Save water at home by deciding to reuse it purposefully. Bring the boiling water from your pasta out to your yard and pour it over unwanted weeds. You can also allow the water to cool and use it for rinsing fruits and vegetables. Most of us wait until the water gets hot to wash dishes or take a shower. Collect the unused water in a bucket and use it to wash off the deck or patio. This is a great use of water that would otherwise go down the drain.

Cut Down Shower Time to Save Water at Home

Most of us enjoy a hot shower at the end of a long day, but this can be wasteful. To keep your shower length reasonable, purchase a timer to keep track. Set a goal to shower within five minutes or less. The shorter your showers, the more you’ll save water at home every month.

Use Efficient Appliances

Today, many household items are made to conserve energy and save water at home. If you’re still using a washing machine or toilet from the 70s, it is using much more water than a newer one. Replace these appliances with more efficient models, and you’ll save water without changing any habits.

Save Water At Home: Pay Attention to Your Water Bill

An increased water bill can be a sign that there is a water leak in your home. Check your toilets, faucets, and under your sinks or call a plumber. Even a small leak can waste gallons of water every month and increase your bill.

These small changes to your daily routine help make a substantial impact by saving water at home.

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