Why a Buyer Should Order a Home Inspection

Buying a home is the biggest purchase many people will make, so it’s important for both the buyer and seller to feel they’re getting a fair deal. Surprise repairs and hidden issues can sour a new home purchase, leaving buyers disappointed they did not do their due diligence. This is why a homebuyer should order a home inspection.

A home inspection is important for many reasons and is one of the most critical steps to take before closing on a home. No matter how new the home or how well maintained it looks, skipping the inspection isn’t a smart decision with such a big investment. Even in cases where the seller has completed an inspection of their own, an impartial second opinion is worth the cost.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises When You Order a Home Inspection

The main reason why a home inspection is important is to make sure there are no expensive defects or safety issues. These could be anything from a damaged roof to an aging furnace and everything in between. Sellers may not realize their heating system is starting to fail or that the piles of dust under the windowsill are from termite damage.

Turn a Negative to a Positive

Issues found during an inspection don’t have to be dealbreakers. On the contrary, discoveries can be used to negotiate for repairs or on the price of the home. A professional inspection report details any problems with the home so that the buyer can request repairs before closing. Unless the home is specifically listed “as-is,” or is already priced as a fixer-upper, most sellers will make the repairs or adjust the list price accordingly.

Improvements and Additions Without Building Permits

In the case of home improvements, city inspectors will not care who owned the home when an un-permitted addition was completed. It will be the job of the current owners to retroactively attain (and pay for!) permits and inspections. This process may include additional construction work if those additions were not originally built to code.

This is another reason why a home inspection is important – an experienced inspector can help owners review any permits that were filed, investigate work completed without a permit, and make sure buyers have a full understanding of what they’re purchasing. Discovering that a permit was not obtained for the bathroom renovation or bedroom addition gives the buyer room to renegotiate the list price.

The Home Inspection Is Important for Health and Safety

Some issues aren’t just expensive, they are dangerous. An inspection could save a buyer from lead paint, radon in the home, or even a future electrical fire caused by faulty wiring. While a leaking roof is a hassle, a carbon monoxide leak or a home coated in lead paint is a different kind of concern. The roof can be patched in the short term, while safety issues should be fixed immediately. Skipping a home inspection could have a higher cost than buyers bargained for if the home has health and safety issues.

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