Poor indoor air quality impacts your comfort in the home and your health. Air quality in a house can be compromised by factors such as outside pollution, poor building emissions, heating appliances, and indoor habits. Use the tips below to freshen the air in your home and improve indoor air quality.

Tip One: Ventilate the Home to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Airflow is critical for good indoor air quality. Continuous airflow removes stagnant air and replaces it with fresh air. Open the windows periodically to replenish the air inside. Trickle vents also provide background ventilation in the home. Switch on vent fans when you are showering and cooking to move moisture and pollutants outdoors.

Tip Two: Clean or Change the Air Filter

Your HVAC system uses a filter to clean the air and remove impurities. The filter gets dirty over time. If it’s not cleaned or changed, the collected dust and debris in the filter is sent back into the indoor air. This may cause breathing problems, allergies, and other health concerns.

Tip Three: Keep it Clean

Vacuum the floor in your home often. Dust mites are a leading cause of poor indoor air quality and they burrow into the carpet. They also live in clothing and bedding, so be sure to launder both regularly.

Tip Four: Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a product made specifically to clean indoor air. The price varies depending on the brand and style of the air purifier that you want. There are many different options so you can find one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Tip Five: Add Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants have been proven to remove toxins from indoor air. Species such as Mass Cane, Bamboo Palm, and Red-Edged Dracaena are particularly effective. If you add houseplants to improve indoor air quality, be careful not to overwater them because this can cause mold.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The EPA estimates that indoor air is more polluted than the air outside of our homes. The tips above are easy to implement and can help everyone in your home feel better.

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